• Coordination and Creation. Two Aspects of European Company Law

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(Simon Kempny, LL.M., born 1982, legal studies at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (Germany) and at the University of the West of England Bristol. Graduate and postgraduate scholarships by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the German National Academic Foundation.)


More than fifty years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the European influence on many areas of law is vast. In particular, the area of company law has changed considerably. However, European influence is diverse. European Company Law is not a monolithic entity, but the result of different attempts to harmonise and unify (not only by the legislator, but also by the Court of Justice, whose role is taken into particular consideration). On the one hand, the objective of European company law is to influence the domestic company laws of the Member States. On the other hand, European law has as its objective to be directly applicable company law. This work examines both aspects, coordination and creation.

MATERIAS: European Company Law, SE, Speichermedien, EEIG, europäisches Gesellschaftsrecht, EWIV, EPG