• How To Quantify Compliance Risk. A New Approach To Legal Risk Management

AV Akademikerverlag
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(Dr. rer. pol. Maik Ebersoll holds degrees in law and economics/business administration and combines work experiences from private corporations and public service. Research focus: Alternative Economic Theory based on homomorphisms of economic structures and Gibbs-Falkian Thermodynamics.)


Today’s publications on legal compliance very often use terms like risk, risk analysis, risk assessment, risk measurement, risk management, etc. However, the question on how those terms can be applied and implemented in everyday business remains unanswered far too often. This monograph strives to change this finding. Using the example of an internationally operating group of companies, an interdisciplinary approach to the identification and operationalization of compliance risk is developed, enabling measurement of company-specific risk exposure and its components on a metric scale. The applied methodology creates an instructive and very helpful set of monetary and non-monetary quantities, which are qualified to support companies’ efforts in strategic and operative risk management. Resulting findings can be used to align compliance efforts with the legal risk landscape, e.g. when selecting and prioritizing risk mitigation measures against the backdrop of the manifold risks, risk areas, geographies, legal entities, etc. Additionally, statements can be derived concerning the adequacy of compliance measures, intensity of risk prevention and the value added to a company's success by those measures.

MATERIAS: Risk Management, Compliance, measurement