• Legal Commentary. Albanian Company Law

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(Dr.-iur. Trygve Ben Holland, LL.M. lehrt Wirtschaftsrecht und ist als Berater internationalisierten Mittelstandes tätig, RA Henning Braem im Bereich des Europa- und Arbeitsrechtes; Ingo Osterloh, Dipl.-Steuerjurist (FH), ist Mitarbeiter der Rechtsabteilung bei Voss Schnitger Steenken Bünger & Partner.)


In near future, some of the Western Balkan Countries will presumably become Member States of the EU. The conditioned Stabilisation and Association Agreements between the EU and theses States provide for successive approximation of these States’ laws to that of the EU as a prerequisite for accession. The Albanian Company Law Nr. 9901 “On Entrepreneurs and Companies” entered into effect on 21 May 2008, aiming at adjusting Albanian provisions on companies to EU standards and modernising existing legislation within the legal framework: The law is accompanied by a multitude of legal provisions of Albania as well as of the EU which must be taken into consideration when applying and interpreting it. Aim of the present Legal Commentary is to explain Law Nr. 9901 in the context of these provisions.

MATERIAS: Enlargement, Albanian Law, company law, Stabilisation and Association, Third States