• Unreached Paradise Europe. Human Rights Obligations of EU Member States and Frontex in the Context of Exterritorialisation of Border Controls

AV Akademikerverlag
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(Stefan Salomon studied law and political science in Austria and France. Besides human rights, international and European law, he conducted researches and worked in the field of development cooperation, rule of law, conflict theory and interreligious conflicts, distributive justice. Currently he lives and works in Vienna.)


The majority of the 500 million EU citizens enjoy widest freedom of movement ever since border controls between Schengen countries have been abolished. At the same time, third country nationals face increased immigration restrictions and tightened border controls. Another phenomenon is that border controls shifted away from the borders of EU Member States to the High Seas and third country territories. This book examines human rights obliations of EU Member States and the EU, as well as the role of the EU Border Agency Frontex in this process of exterritorialisation of border control measures. It also raises the questions of Europe's values and its legal and humanistic fundaments.

MATERIA: EU; Frontex; border controls; exterritorialisation; third countries; non refoulement