Data Protection And Data Security: Quick Check / Quality Check


At least since May 25, 2018, data protection and data security have been on everyone's mind. Designed as uniform data protection law with Europe-wide application, the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) enjoys the potential to become the global gold standard in data protection. Supervisory authorities, in an attempt to bring the law to life, are prepared to impose high penalties, as evidenced by fine notices of up to EUR 18 million in connection with recent data protection scandals. All over the world, customers and business partners rightly expect companies to treat their data in compliance with data protection provisions. In their company's interests, data controllers should identify need for action relating to data protection and data security to avoid costly disputes with supervisory authorities, employees, and customers, but also to prevent fines and loss of reputation. These efforts and costs should be considered both an opportunity and an investment to establish the own company as internationally competitive in data protection. Initial ambiguities and the wide range of theoretical problems are becoming secondary against the realization that a large number of best practice approaches has now been established and know-how for efficient implementation is available.

Our approach

  1. Quick Check

    The Quick Check is a tool for corporate management, offering pragmatic recommendations with specific proposals for action to comply with the statutory requirements on data protection and data security. The process to establish all of the required information kept lean by design, reducing the task to completing a questionnaire and attending a workshop that we are holding on site. We will determine jointly with you the extent to which your company has adequately implemented statutory requirements. Based on the status quo, we will offer specific recommendations on legal, technical, and organizational design. Not leaving you to work on these areas by yourself, we will prioritize the steps to be taken and identify measures that may be implemented at a later date or that may be optional. Our assessment draws from our many years of experience and includes a risk and expense estimate. The Quick Check will not only assess your status quo in a very brief period, but also offer weighted recommendations for action in terms of dataprotection and data security, taking into account cost and risk aspects. You will benefit from our many years of...

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