Eligibility Of Closed-End Funds For The Restricted Assets Of German Insurance Companies And Pension Funds

Author:Mr Uwe Bärenz and Jens Steinmüller
Profession:P+P Pöllath + Partners

Executive Summary

German insurance companies and other institutional investors which are subject to German insurance company regulation (e.g. pension funds) (together "German Insurance Company Investors") are an important group of investors for private equity, infrastructure and comparable funds. For these investors, eligibility of their investments for their restricted assets is of major relevance.

However, the German Investment Regulation (Anlageverordnung), the most relevant source of law regarding investments by German Insurance Company Investors, has not yet been adapted to the new German Capital Investment Act (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch - "KAGB"). This has resulted in uncertainty as to whether German Insurance Company Investors can continue to use the so-called equity-quota for their investments in closed-end funds.

The German regulator (BaFin) has now taken the position that this is still possible. With regard to investments in open-end funds, BaFin distinguishes between funds for which KAGB provides an extended scope of allowed investments and funds for which the investment spectrum remains the same.

  1. Administrative Practice Pending the Adjustment of the German Investment Regulation (Anlageverordnung)

    According to current information, an adaption of the German Investment Regulation is not expected to enter into force before January 2014. The German Insurance Association ("GDV"), which is the umbrella organization for private insurers in Germany, has discussed the issue with BaFin during the last weeks. Based on these discussions, GDV expects that, until the German Investment Regulation will have been adapted, BaFin will apply the following basic rules in deciding whether a fund investment is eligible for the restricted assets:

    1. Open-end Funds

      Units in open-end funds which have been established in accordance with the rules of the abolished German Investment Funds Act (Investmentgesetz) and are...

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