VerfasserE. J. Cohn
Amt des AutorenSir
  1. This work has been prepared to provide members of the British staff in the British Zone of Germany with an elementary guide to German Law. In the past roneographed memoranda have been issued to meet the immediate needs of these officers, but material in this. form is not convenient for permanent or general use. It is hoped that this book will make the information readily available for consultation as may be necessary from time to time by those concerned.

  2. The intention is to complete the work by the issue of one further volume. This volume gives a general introduction, the Civil Law and the Commercial Law; the second volume-which is already in an advanced state of preparation-will comprise Criminal Law, the Law of Civil and Criminal Procedure and Private International Law.

  3. The work is not intended to enable an official to deal with all the individual cases with which he may be concerned-it clearly cannot replace the advice of a German lawyer on any but the most elementary questions. It is, however, thought that it will assist officials in formulating questions on which they may require advice, and in assessing the meaning and the value of the answers which they receive.

  4. The work has been prepared not only for use as a work of reference but also in the hope that it may be found acceptable for general reading by those interested in the working of the German legal system. In particular the introduction summarises certain points of special importance to those whose work may bring them in contact with the German legal system and those engaged in its administration.

  5. It must be emphasised that the work is mainly confined to describing the law in force in 1948, throughout the British Zone of Occupation. The decision to restrict the scope to this area has been taken after careful consideration and with considerable regret, but it has been found necessary in view of the many differences in the laws now applicable in the various zones. The inclusion of a complete reference to the laws of the other zones and of the Berlin area would have considerably extended the book and have made it less suitable to the needs of those for whom it is primarily intended.

  6. It is hoped that the work may also be of assistance to lawyers outside Germany. Owing to the war and its after effects up-to-date information on many legal topics is difficult to obtain, even in the best equipped libraries. An attempt has, therefore, been made to...

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