Reminder – New Immigration Bill To Overhaul Skilled Migration

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At a Glance

As a reminder, the following changes to the German immigration system will take effect March 1, 2020:

A new departure notification requirement for early terminations, for both employers and foreign nationals; Facilitated work authorization for foreign nationals with vocational training and professional experience; Fast-track skilled migration immigration processing for local hires; and Review of overall compliance of sponsoring companies during application processing. The situation

A new immigration bill will overhaul the German skilled migration system starting March 1, 2020.

A closer look

The bill introduces the following key changes:

CHANGE DETAILS New departure notification requirement

Effective March 1, 2020, employers will, for the first time in Germany, need to notify the local immigration office of early terminations of assignments or employment within four weeks of the employer's knowledge of termination. Foreign nationals should notify the local immigration office of early terminations within two weeks of the employee's termination. Notifications need to be submitted with the respective immigration office. Currently, information that needs to be provided with the notification includes the name of employer and employee, birth date and nationality of employee and termination date. Notification is not required if the planned assignment or employment end date is less than one month in the future. Improved access to work authorization based on vocational training and professional experience

Vocationally-trained foreign nationals will be able to obtain a six-month job search visa, where no visa or permit option is currently available for these applicants. Vocationally-trained workers will be able to obtain work authorization for non-shortage roles, where they can now only obtain work authorization for shortage occupations. Workers with extensive relevant professional experience will be able to obtain a visa in shortage occupations such as information technology and engineering. Fast track process and opportunity to create central immigration office

The Government Fast Track Processes will only be applicable for locally-hired foreign workers, including EU Blue Card applicants. The new...

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