Spotlight On Online Gaming

Author:Prof. Thomas Duenchheim and Carsten Bringmann
Profession:Hogan Lovells

The next level

There is no need to say that online gaming has conquered the world and certainly will shape the future. It is an industry with one of the quickest product launches, rise of new market players and key drivers for new technology - yet it is prone to issues such as trademark infringement and money laundering in a constantly changing regulatory environment across jurisdictions. We help you succeed in our ventures and overcome legal challenges. We help you to reach the next level.

In our game, there is no "game over"

The regulatory environment of the gaming industry is characterized by overlapping jurisdictional oversights, different legal frameworks for different type of games and platforms and a maze of regulations to decode. In Germany, the regulation of online gaming is determined in particular by the State Treaty on Gaming. Section 4 (4) prohibits the organisation and brokerage of public games of chance on the internet. However, state authorities do not enforce the prohibition strictly. Thus, the market of online gaming continues to prosper. In order to effectively regulate the gaming industry, German states intend to agree on a new State Treaty on Gaming until 2021. Some...

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