Sterilisation (Hereditary Diseases) Case [Germany, Superior Court of Racial Health of Stettin.]

Docket NumberCase No. 149
Date03 Agosto 1935
CourtObsolete Court (Germany)
Germany, Superior Court of Racial Health of Stettin.
Case No. 149
Sterilisation (Hereditary Diseases) Case.

Aliens — Position of — Subjection to Local Law — In the Matter of Health Laws — Order for Sterilisation of Resident Aliens under Health Laws — German Legislation.

In this case, the facts of which are not clear, it was held that the Court was competent to order the sterilisation of a resident alien in accordance with the Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases of July 14, 1933. The Court said: “Foreigners, upon entering German territory, become subject to the sanitary police rules. However, as in the case of vaccination, it must be admitted that an order for sterilisation presupposes residence of some length within German territory.” The Court found that the appellant was so resident, since he had entered permanent employment in Pomerania.1“The German Law of July 14, 1933, does not state whether it is meant to apply to German nationals only. Article 1 of the Act provides that ‘those’ suffering from hereditary diseases are liable to sterilisation. It does not limit its application to German nationals. Taking into account the purpose of the Act, it cannot be doubted that it is most undesirable to see foreigners suffering from hereditary diseases found families in Germany...

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