Alien Minors (Germany) Case

Docket NumberCase No. 150
Date06 Septiembre 1935
CourtCourt of Appeal of Berlin (Germany)
Court of Appeal of Berlin
Case No. 150
Alien Minors (Germany) Case

Aliens — Position of — Alien Minors — Preventive Detention in Educational Establishment — Whether Admissible.

The Court of Appeal of Berlin held, in a decision of September 6, 1935, that an alien minor whose physical or spiritual well-being is endangered through the carelessness of his parents or guardians may be sent by the authorities to an educational establishment for preventive detention in accordance with Article 63 (1) of the Reich's Youth Welfare Act of July 9, 1922,2 provided the national law of the minor allows such

supersession of parents or guardians. The Court approved of the opinion expressed in previous decisions that the State need not refrain from taking action against an alien minor before he has already actually committed a crime, and that such action is covered by the right of criminal jurisdiction...

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